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This body of new work introduces an assemblage of furniture painted in oil that employs the flair of their neighboring abstract canvases. Literally, Bray has taken several credenzas plus a pair of large antique mirrors and painted them into a realm beyond their original design and purpose.

A statement is provided by the artist wherein he points out his interest in furniture 'in the paint' which stemmed from 19 years of importing such antiquities from his native England. Inspired by their unexpected crude and peculiar color schemes Bray made a photographic diary of this stage before the furniture was renovated. In effect, Bray is now reversing the process by applying a new paint to antique and modern furniture alike. The furniture included in this show is from a different source and period. For example, both the ornate over-mantel mirrors are American in origin, circa 1850 –1875, the sideboard Edward represents an English import circa 1880, while the Harvey Probber credenza is from Fall River, Massachusetts circa 1960.

Mirror I reaches an impressive 94 inches in height, the architecture is stately, newly adorned and almost obliterated in a misfit jacket of Bray modernism. Bray is working with a concept to alter function while not losing sight of it.

Extravagance may or may not be retained, interiors are encapsulated, disenfranchised or more accurately, painted shut. Presented on low pedestals and slightly away from the wall the paintings on furniture are indicative of Brays' new canvas which puts into question the validity and application of 2 dimensional painting upon artifacts of existing value.



 2014  bETWEEN ST. JOHNS WOOD  31 X 79 X 18

          Danish rosewood credenza, tambour doors, circa 1960, Oil and enamel.



 2014  edward  34 x 54 x 21

          english walnut sideboard, circa 1880, oil paint and oil stain.



 2014  harvey probber  33 x 77 x 18

          cabinet, mahogany, rosewood, fall river ma, circa 1960, oil, enamel and oil gesso.



 2014  george v  37 x 68 x 18

          french style american made mahogany sideboard, circa 1950, oil, enamel and oil stain.



 2014  mirror i  96 x 70 x 16

          american gilded over-mantel mirror, circa 1865, oil, enamel, collage.



 2014  picture this  92 x 70 x 12

          american gilded over-mantel mirror, circa 1855, oil, enamel, collage.

          this mirror may have been made by thomas j. natt of philadelphia designed in the                                                       Rococo revival style of louis xv. source reference available on request.



 2013  whipsnade  46 x 40

          oil, stain, enamel and metallic paint on canvas.



 2014  blue sky over bridlington  50 x 40

          oil and oil stain on mat board.



 2014  rosebud  54 x 60

          oil, oil stain, enamel and venetian plaster on canvas.



 2014  birch  40 x 46

          oil, stain, enamel and venetian plaster on canvas.



 2014  untitled  40 x 46

          oil, oil stain and enamel on canvas.



 2014  side saddle  48 x 60

          oil and venetian plaster on canvas.



 2014  jar jar  58 x 58

          oil, collage and charcoal on linen.



 2014  rack of chaise  70 x 70

          oil and enamel on canvas.



2014  cock & bull  70 x 70
         oil and enamel on canvas.



 2014  Beaujolais  62 x 54
          oil on linen



 2014  legal tender  42 x 64
          oil on linen


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